Платформа автоматизации процессов электронного документооборота
Технология приёма платных звонков Telexpert

Paid calls
receiving in Telegram

for professionals

Free virtual PBX in your phone

Setting up a complete automatic telephone exchange for your business needs.

Freedom of communication

Lack of roaming for your customers and employees, convenient calls over the Internet.

Anonymity and security

Telegram privacy technologies at the service of your business, ensuring the privacy of conversations.

Flexible payment system

Accept payments in any convenient way, we work with legal entities and individuals.

B2B constructor

We create a product for your tasks, a personal manager for each project.

Replacement of paid numbers

No subscription fee for VPBX, receiving from 85% of the call cost. Withdrawal within 24 hours.

Высокая производительность

High performance

The speed and high performance of the system are ensured by the simplicity of the architecture, the absence of redundancy in the system, distributed multi-tier caching and wide opportunities for vertical and horizontal scaling of the system's services, which allows for a stable connection of up to 500 simultaneous calls at the same time.

Богатая функциональность

Reliable communication

The system allows you to automate the acceptance of payments and instant communication between experts and clients. The technology can be easily integrated into various external systems, expanding the functionality of your service.

Современный интерфейс

Modular structure

System interface is built taking into account various user cases, which allows the system to easily adapt to the client and offer the functions he needs to solve a specific problem.